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Gatwick to Harwich Port Shuttle

Shuttle from Gatwick to Harwich Port

shuttle gatwick harwich portHarwich Port, officially known by Harwich International Port is a seaport located in England, Essex. The harbour is best known for its ferry services going to Denmark (Esbjerg) and Hook of Holland. In the summer, you can see numerous cruise ships calling in the port. There are also bulk cargos, general cargos and tankers calling at Harwich. The port is also the base for the Thanet Wind Farm and the Greater Gabbard wind farm.

In the summer, when the cruise ships depart or call in the port, there are numerous requests for Gatwick to Harwich Port Shuttle. Unfortunately, you should know that Harwich Port is not that accessible, so you will have to change various trains and / or buses to get from Gatwick to your destination. Here are the options you have at your disposal.

Getting from Gatwick to Harwich Port by Coach

A shuttle from Gatwick to Harwich Port will take you to your destination in almost 5 hours. Well, it’s not quite the easiest, fastest and most convenient means of transportation, especially if you carry lots of bags with you. However, if you do want to go for this option, then here is the itinerary you will be taking.

The TerraVision service will take you from Gatwick Airport to Victoria Station in London in a journey that lasts 30 minutes. The same service will get you to Stansted Airport. As you can see, the bus goes round London and for this reason it takes so long. From Stansted, take bus 133 that will take you to Colchester and lastly, take the final bus to Upper Dovercourt. The final point of this itinerary is taking a transfer to the harbour. So, a shuttle from Gatwick to Harwich Port will take in a journey that lasts 5 hours and 5 minutes. This trip will cost you £55.

Getting from Gatwick to Harwich Port by Train

After you have seen what the coach transfer has to offer, you might want to reconsider your options and maybe go for the train. This journey will take only 2 hours, but you will also have to change different trains until you get to Harwich Port.

The train station at Gatwick Airport is in the South Terminal, so take a shuttle from the North Terminal to take you to the station. From there, take a National Rail train and you will arrive at London Bridge Station. This trip will last 28 minutes and the following step is taking the bus 48, 149 or 47to Wormwood Street and from there go to Liverpool Street station to take the train to Manningtree. This journey will take 1 hour. Finally, take the National Rail Service to Harwich International. Per total, the journey will be 36 GBP and it will last 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Getting from Gatwick to Harwich Port by Transfer

gatwick harwich port shuttleIf you want to avoid all the inconveniences presented above, then a shuttle from Gatwick to Harwich Port by transfer is the best option. It is more comfortable and it lasts less than the train or the coach.

A Gatwick to Harwich Port Shuttle with 247 Airport Transfer will cost you 139 GBP for the smallest car. Also, the duration of the journey will be 2 hours and 50 minutes. Booking a transfer from the airport to Harwich is extremely easy. You can use the online booking application or you can get in touch with an operator and he / she will do it for you. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone just by using the details in the Contact section.

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