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Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer

Transfer from Gatwick to Dover Port

transfer gatwick dover portGatwick Airport is located 80 miles away from Dover Port. This means that Gatwick is the closest important airport to the Port of Dover and can be reached by freeway or motorway. When it comes to the public transport, you should know that there is no direct connection between these two locations. In order to get from Gatwick Airport to Dover Port, you have to go first to Central London and from there take another bus or train to the port.

The main transport options are the National Express coaches, the train services and the transfers. We’ll analyse every one of them to see which of the methods is best to choose.

Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer by Coach

The cheapest option you could get is the bus. This service is offered by National Express. The tickets for these buses can be purchased online, from the airport terminals or directly from the coach driver. Keep in mind that the online tickets are cheaper than the last minute tickets, so you might want to buy them in advance from their website.

You will need to change two buses with this option. Take the first bus from the airport to Victoria Station. These coaches run every 20 minutes and the total time of the journey will be almost 30 minutes. From the London Victoria Coach Station, you will have to take another bus that will take you directly to Dover Port. Unfortunately, this journey will take almost 3 hours and 10 minutes, so you will have to prepare for a long ride. Per total, the Gatwick to Dover Port transfer by bus will last almost 3 hours and 50 minutes and will cost you around £48.

Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer by Train

In case you choose to travel by train, you should know that you will get to your destination a lot faster than you would by coach. Although it is more expensive, it’s definitely worth the price, as you will get from London Gatwick Airport to Dover Port in almost 2 hours. There are no direct train links, so you will need to change in Central London. Keep in mind that neither the train, nor the coach stops in the cruise terminals. They will take you to the train or bus station and from there, you will have to take a transfer between the station and the terminal.

If you land on Gatwick North Terminal, you will need to take a shuttle train to Gatwick South Terminal. These services run every 5 minutes for a ride of 4 minutes. From South Terminal, you will be taking the National Rail Service that will stop at St Pancras Low Level. These trains run every 20 minutes and the journey will be approximately 50 minutes. From the station, you will be taking another National Rail train to Dover Priory. This service is hourly and a journey will take almost 1 hour and 10 minutes. The entire journey will last around 2 hours and 10 minutes and you will pay almost £39 for that.

Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer 

taxi gatwick dover portThe private hire cars are sometimes the most popular transfer options mainly because they are the only direct connection between London Gatwick Airport and Dover Port. Not to mention that if you travel in a larger group, you can book an 8-Seater or even a coach just for you. The Gatwick to Dover Port Transferwill not go round to London and will take the direct route to the harbour. However, you should expect some delays if you’re traveling during the rush hours when there are traffic congestions.

Why is a Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer the best option? Well, first of all, we recommend you this method because it will take you to your destination a lot faster than the train or the coach. For example, a transfer with 247 Airport Transfer will last less than two hours. What’s more important is that you won’t have to change any train or bus and you will travel directly from the airport to the cruise terminal you need. This means extra comfort for you, extra safety and less hassle with the luggage. Not to mention that the driver will be there for you to help you with the bags. He will also be extremely courteous and will open the door for you and offer all the necessary information about your transfer.

The Gatwick to Dover Port Transfer must be booked in advance and the price is fixed, so there are no extra charges or hidden fares. For instance, a taxi transfer from Gatwick Airport to Dover Port with 247 Airport Transfer will cost you £109 for a saloon car that can accommodate up to 4 passengers, 2 pieces of medium luggage and 2 pieces of hand luggage.

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