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Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour Shuttle

Shuttle from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour

shuttle gatwick portsmouth harbourGetting from Gatwick Airport to Portsmouth Harbour is an easier task than you might think. Nowadays, there are various means of transportation that you can use to get a transfer between these two destinations. You can choose from private hire vehicles, coach or even train. All these are direct services between Gatwick Airport and Portsmouth. So, the best thing about them is that you won’t have to change any train or bus, which can be quite annoying, especially when you have lots of bags with you. In the end, you will choose the transfer option that best suits you. The only disadvantage with the coach and the train would be the fact that they don’t have stops in the cruise terminal, so you will need a taxi transfer from the station to the port itself. The taxi is the only one that will take you to the exact cruise terminal you need.

Transfer from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour by Coach

There are 2 bus routes between Gatwick Airport and Portsmouth Harbour. The first service is going to take a bit longer, as it goes to Heathrow Airport first and then changes for Portsmouth. The second coach is direct and allows you to see the entire south coast of England. There are services that run all day long. A journey by shuttle from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour will normally take 1 hour and 50 minutes if you take the longer route. The shortest route will be 1 hour and 36 minutes. The cost for a Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour shuttle will be of approximately £15.20, but if you choose to book online, you will pay less.

Transfer from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour by Train

If the coach does not sound that good to you, then you should go for the train service. To begin with, you should know that it is faster and that might be an important piece of information for you in case you need to get in time to catch a cruise ship. From Gatwick Airport, you can take the rail service from South Terminal. Take one of the National Rail services and you will get straight to Portsmouth Harbour. Keep in mind that the service runs only hourly, so you might need to wait a bit until you catch one. This is in fact the worst part about this transfer option.

The train ride will last 1 hour and 25 minutes and you will pay £33 for it. The tickets can be bought from the ticket desks or online. If your journey takes around one hour, there will be no advantage in buying the tickets online. The discounts are applied only for longer routes.

Transfer from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour by Taxi

gatwick portsmouth harbour shuttleIn case you’re not that interested in getting the train or the coach, then you can always choose a shuttle from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour by taxi. This is the best option especially if you have a large amount of luggage and you want a hassle-free journey. A Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour shuttle will help you travel in style. The driver will wait for you at North or South Terminal and you will recognise him immediately because he will have a board with your name on it. Moreover, the drivers are always smartly dressed and they are courteous and polite. They make a great company for the road and if you need information about your transfer, you can simply ask them and they will be glad to answer.

You can book a minicab by live chat, by phone, by e-mail or online, on the website. The e-mail confirmation will inform you that the booking has been made and it will also allow you to double check the details.

A Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour shuttle with 247 Airport Transfer is going to cost you approximately 106 GBP for a saloon car. An 8-Seater that can accommodate a larger group of people will cost 136 GBP. The journey by shuttle from Gatwick to Portsmouth Harbour will take 2 hours.

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