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Taxi from Gatwick

Taxi from Gatwick

Taxi from Gatwick

Hundreds of flights land and depart each day at Gatwick Airport while customers come and go. Even if generally just a stop in life’s journey, sometimes an airport may become more than a challenge, even for the calmest people in the world. Even if at the bottom all airports are the same, each country has its own rules, each airport has its own way of handling things therefore each time you land in a new country, the same questions arise: how long does it take to get through customs, how far is the airport from the city, what means of transport do I have, how much does a taxi cost etc. We would like to answer you all this questions but, as we are a Gatwick airport transfer company, we will only respond you to the ones about transportation to and from Gatwick Airport.

As you may already know, London’s private transport is split in two halfs: the iconical black cabs which we have all seen in the movies or for real and the minicab services, a cheaper way of transport. Therefore, before you book a taxi from Gatwick,  you must first decide over one of the two types of taxi services. Leaving aside the fact that I work for a taxi company serving Gatwick Airport, I really feel that minicabs are the best option, as the price is fixed, the cars can fit more passengers  and luggage and everything is really transparent, such as the charges or the time it will take you to get to your address.

It’s easy to book a taxi from Gatwick

Booking a Gatwick taxi isn’t rocket science at all. Having to choose from hundreds of Gatwick taxi operators, you can be sure that you will take advantage of the best price, conditions and vehicles. Therefore, to book a taxi from Gatwick you will only have to do the following:

a) search on Google for a taxi company operating Gatwick Airport

b) use the booking form to reserve a taxi from Gatwick online or call/e-mail the company with your information

c) after the booking is complete, verify your e-mail for the confirmation and double check that the data was entered correctly

d) meet the driver on the landing date inside the airport, at the meeting point

Now that you know the four basic steps for booking a taxi from Gatwick, let me give you a few helpful tips:

for a)

– you can search a Gatwick Airport taxi by using the following terms: “taxi from Gatwick” , “Gatwick Taxi” , “Gatwick Airport Taxi” , “Gatwick Airport Transfer” , “Gatwick minicab” etc.

– don’t rush into booking with the first company you find as they may not offer you the best value for money you can find

– make sure to check the feedbacks they’ve received on their website or websites such as, yell or yelp

– watch out for hidden surcharges

for b)

– the booking forms are very intuitive today and easy to complete but, if you’re lazy enough, you can always call the company and provide them your information by phone

for c)

– when booking an airport taxi always make sure that the landing time and date, flight number and waiting time were correctly inputed. Because of the high volume of work, operators may sometime get your  information wrong. If this happens, just call or e-mail the company and make sure they make amendments. A new confirmation e-mail should arrive. Make sure once again that your taxi from Gatwick was correctly booked

for d)

– meeting points differ from a company to another. So, in case you’ve formerly booked an airport taxi from Gatwick and you have been greeted by the driver at some coffee shop or at the Information Desk, you can never be sure that the company you will book with now will wait for you in the same place. To make sure that you and the minicab driver won’t be playing hide & seek inside Gatwick, just ask the company where will the driver wait for you.

Gatwick Taxi Meeting Point


Disclaimer: All copyrights for this image belong to BAA.

That’s about all the basic information you need when booking a taxi from Gatwick. If you liked this post, don’t forget to share! Be sure to follow the steps above and you’ll certainly have a hassle free journey and arrive at your destination on time.

If you would like to book a taxi from Gatwick with us just click on the Get Price button in the menu or here.

Best wishes,

Tiberiu Iavorenciuc


The 247 Gatwick Airport Transfer Team.

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