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Top 20 Places to See in Europe

Where to go in Europe

Europe is the continent which attracts millions of tourist from all corners of the world. The vast history, the cultural richness, the beauty of the landscapes or the charm of the cities, are just some of the reasons for which people from all over the world choose to visit Europe. At least five (six, if we also take Turkey) from the 10 most visited countries in the world are situated in Europe (France, Spain, Italy, UK, Germany). Because of the economic crisis in 2007-2008, Europe registered a drop regarding the number of tourists which entered its borders. Despite the economic recession, France still remains the most visited country in the world, with more than 76 million tourists in 2010.

Europe was the home of two of the great empires in our history. The Roman Empire and the British Empire gathered all kind of treasures from all the countries that they ruled, and all this richness can be seen even in our days on the streets of Rome or London. Europe is the land where people were preoccupied by learning and enlightening their minds starting from the Ancient times. And these things can also be seen in most of the major cities of the “old continent”. There is a custom in USA or Australia for parents to send their children in a euro trip after they graduate. Most of them come back to their countries really impressed by the diversity of tourist attractions that they found in Europe (art galleries, museums, ancient ruins, old or medieval town, marvelous landscapes, outstanding night life and many other).

London – UK

1. London - UK

Rome – Italy

2. Rome - Italy

Preikestolen – Norway

3. Preikestolen - Norway

Paris – France

4. Paris – France

Transfagarasan – Romania

Transfagarasan, poza de sus de la Balea Lac


Toscana– Italy

6. Toscana– Italy

Matterhorn – Switzerland/Italy

7. Matterhorn - Switzerland and Italy


Meteora – Greece

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Piatra Craiului Mountains – Romania

9. Piatra Craiului Mountains – Romania

Stockholm – Sweden


Plitvice Park – Croatia

11. Plitvice Park – Croatia

Blue Lagoon – Iceland

12. Blue Lagoon – Iceland

French Riviera – France

13. French Riviera -France

Danube Delta – Romania

14. Danube Delta – Romania

Barcelona – Spain

15. Barcelona – Spain


Cracow – Poland

16. Cracow – Poland

Oktober Fest Festival – Munchen, Germany

17. Oktober Fest Festival – Munchen, Germany

Red Light District – Amsterdam, Netherlands

18. Red Light District – Amsterdam, Netherlands

Porto – Portugal

19. Porto – Portugal

Cricova – Republic of Moldova

20. Cricova – Republic of Moldova

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