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Gatwick Transfer to Bank Station

Gatwick Transfer to Bank Station (EC3)

One of the most controversial buildings in London in the EC3 area, near Bank Underground Station is the headquarters of the insurance company Lloyd, on Lime Street, which is considered the financial district of the metropolis. The building, designed by the architect Richard Rogers, resembles, in conceptual terms, with Georges Pompidou Centre in Paris, with all major functions placed in a duct located at the sight, and also all the lifts. Although last year they celebrated 25 years since the inauguration of the building, it is still in discussion why a company so traditionalist has chosen a project so nonconformist.

Taxi from Gatwick Airport to Bank StationLloyd’s is one of the oldest British companies being founded in 1688 by Edward Lloyd in a cafe on Tower Street, frequented by ships, sailors and merchant’s owners. In 1696, Edward Lloyd printed for the first time news about safe routes, demand for raw materials in certain ports and insurance premiums charged by the providers of goods. At the time, Lloyd’s News, as it was called in the print form, was the first newspaper ever published in London.

Traders continued to discuss business and especially insurance policies concluded in Lloyd’s Diner after his death in 1713. In 1774 the participants in these discussions decided to found a committee that will set the company of famous Lloyd, one of the oldest and longer lasting business associations in the world.

It is worth stopping in front of the Lloyd’s, on Lime Street. The old facade of the building has been strengthened and preserved, and beyond it, you can see the futuristic building. Inside, there are the offices in open spaces and dozens of ramps and escalators. In the middle “ring” there is a huge clock perched on six pillars which guards the passage of time, because Lloyd’s Building is a time machine. Only on the ground floor, in a corner, a café reminds of the beginnings of this business.

Today, Lloyd’s of London is considered the leader in marine insurance and other specialized types, but the work is quite different from the more common insurance segment.

Rail Transport from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station (EC3):

In order to get rail transport from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station, you will have to take the Gatwick Airport Train (that comes every 20 minutes) to London Bridge Station. From there, you can walk to Bank Station. The total journey would take about 28 minutes with the train and from London Bridge Station to Bank Station will take 18 minutes. Another option would be taking a transfer from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station.

Road Transport from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station (EC3):

So as to travel by car from London Gatwick Airport to Bank Station, you must take the M23 and A23. Gatwick Airport is 29.2 miles away from Bank Station.

Transfer from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station (EC3):

A Gatwick Transfer to Bank Station with 247 Gatwick Airport Transfer is going to last around 1 hour and 30 minutes. The price for a transfer from Gatwick Airport to Bank Station begins from 58 GBP.

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